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Omnotron Defense System down!

nachruf, Jan 10, 11 5:34 PM.

Argaloth down, better late than never.

nachruf, Jan 5, 11 12:45 PM.

...waiting for the Shattering

bastarden, Nov 27, 10 3:28 AM.
A week ago or something when we were bored and had nothing to do four (+ Obsy when we went to Exodar) of us decided to help Esmund get som silly achivement. Wrath of the Horde. After some action in SW, the tram and IF we went to Darnassus. Ended up killing that silly Nigh Elf chick that runs Darnassus and some priest dude in a giant crashed crystal space ship.

In the image: Vardant, Ergi, Esmund, Kittyclaw, Obskure
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